Design Process

Web site design has changed quite a bit over the years, beginning over 20 years ago with hand coded static sites – we have progressed to web based frameworks that provide editing, design, and standards compliance. These changes allow just about anyone to create a usable web site, and maintain it.

Still there are benefits to having your site designed professionally. We have experience in layout, programming mash-ups (adding two or more web services) and in search engine optimization. We can help guide you in the creation process to get the best result from your site.

When we understand exactly what your needs are, we can give you a price and should you decide to have us develop* the site we can get underway. We can create a more detailed functional specification or blue print of the functional elements and actions your site will have.

All our sites allow you to change any text or images, add pages, and can include calendars, maps, file archives, shopping carts, and media repositories.

With the creation of this type of site you will save money on a lower cost of ownership. Eliminating your need to learn HTML, DHTML, XML, SQL and so on. Your site can be dynamic and change as often as you like, with no extra cost to you.

* We will gladly meet with you at no charge to determine if our services are compatible with your needs. After the initial meeting a short proposal or outline would normally be created, at no charge. For more complicated sites a larger proposal or functional specification would need to be created. We are happy to help you develop a web site (on paper) even if you do not choose to have us create it. If you choose to work with another developer after the extensive proposal is submitted to you, we reserve the right to send you an invoice for the amount of time involved. That way you can take our functional specifications to other developers and they will have a much better idea of what you want.