Custom Web Design

Dosolutions creates functionally unique and attractive web sites. These are not “run of the mill sites” created from designer templates but fully customized creative expressions. Dosolutions works closely with every client to deliver total satisfaction. Several of our latest sites were created to address the needs of multi-user organizations, non profits and energy groups. Our sites fulfill your needs allowing you to easily make changes. You change content using WYSIWYG based content management systems. These simple to use menus provide effortless web site updates while preserving the site structure, look and feel. There are many additional benefits to using a system like ours; when adding new sections to the site, navigation is automatically updated, when adding material it is automatically formatted and sorted correctly. When using our system there is no need to learn HTML, CFML, PHP, FTP or any other language! If you know how to use a word processor, then you too can edit your web site!