Originally designed by Dosolutions:
David Whitman’s Salon
Putney Internet Cafe
Vermont National Bank
Both Worlds Marketing
HeartBeet Community Supported Agriculture
Putney Food Coop
Eric Boyer’s Art Gallery
Whitman’s scissor shop
Renew Salvage
AMLA Movers

Vermont Climate Action Network
Greater Falls Food Hub
Brattleboro Chamber of Commercial

Latches Theatre, Resturant, Brewery
Green Montian Club
Spark My Carrier, Spark my Business
Auto People
Windham County Sherriffs
Green Montian Head
Lisa Nash DC
Dream Lab
Nuclear Free Vermont
Educator Edge
Simple Treats
Hot Yoga VT
The Green Montian Spinnery
Putney General Store
Westminster Cares
Moles Eye
Journey Food and Beverage
Walker Farm
New England Coalition
GS Precision
Vermont Gage
Tim Autrey
West Hill Shop
Windham Wild Flowers
Vermont Arts Council Confrence
Both Worlds Marketing
Vermont Studio
WKVT Radio AM & FM
Spring Tree Corporation
Mocha Joe’s
Perennial Swappers
Facilitemps – job placement service
Vermont Land Trust
Spring Tree Corp and Spring Tree Food Corp
The Edge Company

Sites we improved with back end CMS or redesigned:

Deconstruction Works
Parks Place VT
Bay Health Calendar
Bay Health Job Listings
Vermont Land Trust
Vermont National Bank
World Education
Berkley Veller – Greenwood Contry Realtors

Governors Institute of Vermont Forum
Eastern LINCS Forums
The WEB Project’s Shared Discussions
Vermont Material Exchange


The Grammer School
Landmark College
Greenwood School
Greenwood Institute
Oak Meadow School
The Web Project
Putney Central School
Putney School – Cold fusion